Our Mission & Vision

About the Museum

Despite its small-town feel, Milford has a very long and rich history. This history began when Joseph Oliver and Parson Sydenham Thorne partnered to create a village on the banks of the Mispillion River. The dam constructed by Parson Thorne was just the start of a thriving, riverfront town. It is this rich history that is housed inside the Milford Museum.

A visit to this quaint museum of history provides you with an understanding of how important the river was to the town’s formation and development. Large wooden sailing ships were built in what is now the downtown area. Sub chasers commissioned by the United States Navy were also built here. Eventually, the shipyards created stunning yachts, several of which are still in operation today.

This local museum contains items that include bentwood spoons, and small wooden spoons everyone has used to eat cups of ice cream. Designed and created in Milford, Delaware by the Mulholland Spoon Company the spoons revolutionized how ice cream was consumed. The town was the site of canning factories and, when the railroad was finally permitted to come to town, Milford’s industry grew exponentially. Luxury hotels offered jitney services from the railroad station and provided newspapers to guests to keep them informed.

With several permanent exhibits, including "Thank You for Your Service," dedicated to those from Milford who served in the Armed Forces, as well as changing exhibits, the Milford Museum offers something for everyone. Be sure to visit the downstairs exhibits which include a recreated medical office.

All of this and more can be found inside the Milford Museum. There is no admission fee to view the many items preserved inside what was the first post office in the town. This free museum is a treasure trove of the past!

Our Mission

The mission of the Milford Museum and Landmarks Commission is to increase knowledge and appreciation of Milford’s history by sharing research and collecting, preserving, and exhibiting artifacts that relate to our rich heritage.”

Our Vision

Milford Museum aims to promote and support in all ways possible the preservation of Milford’s defining historic and cultural resources, including historic structures, sites and collections. The purpose of the mission is to provide enriching entertainment and educational opportunities to all members of the Milford Community, for future generations and all other interested parties.