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Our 2018 Special Exhibit is entitled MADE IN MILFORD. The Milford Museum's newest exhibit shares many stories about our local businesses and products created during the nineteenth and twentieth century.  Did you know that the little wooden spoons that were used to eat ice cream were invented here?  Did you know that Milford once had a silversmith and potter?  These are just a few of the products and items on display in our “Made In Milford” exhibit. 

Don't forget to check out another display sharing an important part of Milford's history.  Thank You For Your Service is our way to recognize the men and women from Milford who saw military service from the Revolutionary War to the present day.  A variety of uniforms and objects from all branches are displayed to share our large collection.  Notebooks include information and photographs of the faces from Milford.  Please help to complete our timeline by sharing your story too! 

Through The Lens:  The Stories of Milford's Photographers is an exhibit which tells about Milford photographers from 1855 to 1955.  Examples of their studio cards and a representation of a photographer's studio help to tell their stories.  This exhibit will end in June so that we can install a new exhibit on the history of Milford's hospitals in anticipation of our new BayHealth facility currently under construction.

As you enter the front door look for a large display case with late 19th century women's and children's shoes.  These gems were donated by the Pikus family and were from Lou's Bootery.  The display includes a large fluoroscope x-ray machine.  Many Milfordians remember watching their toes wiggle in their shoes to make sure they fit!

A special case in the Basement remembers local legend Forrest "Spook" Jacobs and his baseball experience.

You will learn interesting pieces of history and find yourself pleasantly surprised when you visit the Milford Museum.

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