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The Milford Museum is located in Milford's origianal Post Office Building on the corner of South Walnut Street and South East Second Street. This building has been the property of the Delaware Department of State since the U.S. Postal Service transferred ownership of it in 1962. After fulfilling the State's obligation to use the building for public health services for twenty years, the General Assembly of Delaware passed legislation authorizing the transfer of ownership from the Delaware Division of Health to the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs in 1982. It was stipulated that the building be leased to the City of Milford for one dollar per year to be used as a public museum. In January 1982, the City appointed the Milford Commission of Landmarks and Museums to initiate plans for a museum. The Milford Museum is currently operated by twelve Commissioners. These additional individuals serve without compensation and are authorized to help fulfill the Mission of the Museum.

Since 1963 a dedicated group of volunteers has taken the Milford Museum from an idea to a cornerstone of the greater Milford community. In 2011 it became time to take the next step in the preservation of Milford's material history.  It was time to get professional assistance.  The Museum undertook a three year Challenge Grant Campaign to raise the money to hire a professional Executive Director.  On July 1, 2011, Claudia Furnish Leister was hired to fill this position.  Claudia recently retired after 32 years as the Collections Manager for the State's Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs (formerly known as Delaware State Museums).  Claudia grew up in Milford and is excited about working in her old home town and re-learning its historic past.  She is working to catalog the Museum's collections and gain a better knowledge of its treasures. 

A working Board of twelve Commissioners assist with events and exhibits, and provide local oversight to all Museum operations.

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